A life spent in search of a win, the real life story of a footballer. One match after another, international trophies and championships, and a never-ending journey from the halfway line to the penalty area, coupled with the constant feeling there’s always something else you can win.

The Players. Powerful, perspiring, with searching eyes that continually watch the sidelines, scrutinised by TV cameras, revered by their own fans and reviled by the opposing team. Yet, they’re composed, educated, good communicators, good-looking and seamlessly perform the role of contemporary celebrity.

In the midst of meaningless celebrities, football players are young men that offer themselves to the physical sacrifice that is essential to transform themselves into objects of desire, adoration and role models. They must simultaneously maintain an authentic outlook, an essential respect for their physique and an unforgiving severity that is an inevitable consequence of their role.

Exhausted by their gruelling match schedule, broadcast around the world, exposed to both fatigue and glory, hitting the ground running with interviews for global TV networks, airplanes and penalties, waiting to fly, waiting on the sidelines at half-time.

Swide will keep its eye on the fatigue, the ball, and the players fighting for a win, on a never-ending journey where there’s always something else to win.